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Hi, and thank you for visiting Water Mountain’s Blog.  We are bringing you great Nerd Articles, Vids, Humor and the Training Experience.

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Kung Fu Inner Power Cover
Mikel Steenrod

Inner Power-Kung Fu’s Legacy

Explainer: Kung Fu Master Mikel Steenrod discusses the concept of Inner Power and how the kung fu story is one of resistance.

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Pro Arnis

Video featuring a slo mo of a broadsword match.
Martial Training Videos
Mikel Steenrod

Slo Mo Sword Match

A fantastic, unscripted clip of a sword match made of still frames at 1/20th of a sec. IRL time is 1 sec.

Grim Reaper needs squashing
Mikel Steenrod

Squash Fears Power

Explainer video: Master Steenrod talks about the negative impact of fear on decisions and the freedom that kung fu can give you from fear.

Long staff fencing match w clash about to occur
Martial Training Videos
Administrative Staff

Long Staff-2 sec Snow Match

Who let’s a little snow and freeze stop these guys from some long staff matches?  Not these guys.  Keep in mind, this is 2.3 seconds

Slo Mo Spear Match

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