Jumping Roundhouse Kick Photo Study

Kung Fu Jumping Roundhouse Kick

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The Animated Photo Study

This photo series is of the Jumping Roundhouse Kick being recorded with a high speed camera.  Each frame represents 1/7th of a second.  That means this entire series took 1  second to execute from beginning to end.

The series is representative of how this technique should be done, although some parts of it (e.g. the moment of impact) were too fast to be capture at 10th of a second intervals.

The kicker is Master Mikel Steenrod.  The pad holder is Jim Graham.  The photo series was of the standard training of the elite Magnum Kung Fu program.  The technique is from the Heaven Fist 10,000 .

The variation in light and dark is due to the cycling of the lights.

Photos were shot by Robin Silver of Robin Silver Photography.  Copyright is held by Robin Silver Photography.


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