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Jumping Roundhouse Kick Photo Study

Water Mountain breaks down the speed of delivery of the jumping roundhouse kick of kung fu at 1/10th of a sec.
Mid air jump

This video is a photo study of the jumping roundhouse kick.  Some key features of this video.

  • The video is composed of still frames, shot at 1/10th of a sec.
  • While 12 seconds long, the real life time it took to execute the tech was 0.7 seconds.
  • From launch to pad contact is 0.3 seconds.  A typical criticism of big techniques is that they take too much time to execute.
  • Master Mikel Steenrod is executing the kick while Mr. Jim Graham is serving as the holder.
  • This execution was done as part of a back and forth exchange between the two participants.  The kicks were being executed continuously.
  • This photo sequence happened to catch many of the critical parts of the kick and  so was used in the study.
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