Classic 5 Kung Fu Poses

These are the classic, beginner, martial art poses required through the first 3 kung fu arcs.  Please be aware of the hold times for your respective arc so that you are properly prepared to execute them when qualifying.

If you have difficulty meeting the times, it is more important to have the feet on the ground and the back in correct position than it is to be deep.  Depth will come naturally as part of your martial arts training.  Also consider taking advantage of the naturally rocky terrain of Flagstaff and doing these martial arts poses among boulders.  Of course, keep safety in mind and don’t take a risk greater than your skill.

Poses should be accompanied with a heroic facial expression and the appearance of performing the pose with great ease.  Posing is display behavior, and you should be demonstrating strength, self-control, and accumulated practice–not barely getting there.

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