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My wish for you is that you live a safe and happy life.  Dark things do happen, though.  There are thugs in real life.  There are those that love violence and use it out of joy.  There are those that smile on the outside, but have the darkest thoughts on the inside.  If you or your loved ones should cross paths with such a person, you will want to have the power to keep yourself safe.

With Pro Arnis...

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The Fun Is Kept In!

When dealing with such a dark topic like self-defense, it can seem depressing and over-serious.  In many serious martial arts, that is the case.

In the Philippines, Arnis is part of parades, celebrations, and parties.  The reason?  A large part of the art is what are called “display behaviors”  Or good, old-fashioned showing off!

It also helps that the Filipinos are fun-loving and really enjoy a good time.

Let’s take a look at some of the fun:

  • Much of Arnis is rhythmic and dance-like.  In fact, during the Spanish occupation the art could only be openly practiced in its dance-like drills.
  • Arnis includes intricate, flashy twirls to build wrist and forearm strength and flexibility.  The twirls also make quite a show!
  • Partnered, double stick work that would thrill even the best heavy metal drummer!
  • Graceful, ballet-like weapons play called Palit-Palit.

Of course, it is always fun to outsmart an attacker that believes he has the upper-hand!

Our in person, private lesson program is customized according to the client.  The most common rate is $57 per 30 minute session.  Much like with a music lesson, this is an instructional period, and practice needs to be performed on the client’s own time.

Discounts are available for prepay programs.

Pro Arnis Intro Pack

2 Private Sessions + Bonuses
$ 37
  • Private, Best Fit Assessment to Customize Lesson
  • Two 30 Minute, One on One Lessons
  • 3 Bonuses
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3 Bonuses For Intro


#1 My $17.95 Guide, “How to Steal the Secret Thoughts from a Criminal’s Mind and Use Them Against Him!”

This guide gives broad insight into the criminal mind, reveals what the police can’t do for you, and talks about what you must do for yourself!

#2: A $10 Gift Code for our sister site’s online courses, watermountainvirtual.com.  Hone your skills at your home and on the training floor.

#3: A mounted certificate of accomplishment you will be proud to show to friends and family members.  (A $7.84 Value)

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