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Arnis Stick to Stick Takedowns 1-3 of 14

Video of Professional Arnis Takedowns 1-3, including Bicep, Tricep, and Throat Lever.
Pro Arnis Triceps Lever Takedown

Welcome to Pro Arnis Stick to Stick Takedowns 1-3


This is a video of Professional Arnis Takedowns 1-3 of the 14 formal takedowns shot at Water Mountain’s Flagstaff martial arts studio.

Sifu David Semanas, program head, and Master Mike Steenrod perform the first 3 takedowns of the Pro Arnis curriculum slowly as a reference for alumni and current students.  This video is not intended for instruction, but rather for reference.

Content covers the following techniques:

  1. Bicep Lever
  2. Triceps Lever
  3. Throat Lever

Pro Arnis is a Filipino Martial Art derivation.  If you are interested in its technical origins please visit this link: Pro Arnis Technical Specs.

The video is shot at the flagstaff martial arts studio.

Far superior, online instructional video can be found at our sister site: watermountainvirtual.com .

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