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Slo Mo Spear Match

A spear match outdoors is slowed to 1/20th of a second intervals to reveal the finesse of the exchange.
2 Spears Clashing
  • This video is made from still photos shot on a Nikon Z9.  Each still frame is a photo shot in sequence at 1/20th of a sec.  Even at 1/20th of sec, many parts of the thrust or the parries were not captured due to the speed.
  • This video totals 1.6 seconds of match time of a much longer match.
  • Two experienced martials artists, Mr. Beau Reilly and Mr. Jim Graham, face off in this spear play match.
  • The tips of the spears are sharp enough to stick into wood if thrust with moderate power.  For that reason, the goal is to bring the tip within 6-8 inches of the body to score rather than physically striking the training partner.
  • The location is in Flagstaff, AZ at Buffalo Park.
  • There are many small quick parries, feints, and redirects that are occurring within the match, even with the short time of 1.6 seconds.  Can you see them?
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