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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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J.M. Sharber, West Flagstaff, discusses the confidence building power of kung fu and the drive to attend.

Many different types of people benefit from martial arts

Kung Fu is Renowned for Training Both the Body and the Mind!

Discard Robotic One size fits all training

Want technical details of the kung fu?  Try the FAQ.

Your body isn’t a robot that you can make train without your mind.  The actions you make the body go through come from your habits, beliefs about your self, and your personal history–all of which make your training easier or harder.  Kung fu training also doesn’t occur in a special vacuum from the outside world.  It’ll be affected by work or school, the weather, time of the year, and your health.

It takes a step by step method, from a responsive, expert coach to make that journey possible.  Water Mountain has both, ready to adjust the path to fit you.

What Do You Do in Our Flagstaff Kung Fu Program?

Kung fu is a body and mind training system.   It gives you ferocious self-defense ability to protect both yourself and your loved ones should dark times, unfortunately, call for it.

Kung Fu has 7 absolutely, stand-out features.

  • Kung Fu is primarily a striking art that uses hands about 60% of the time.
  • You build high power striking force so that you can stop someone very quickly, often with a single blow.
  • You develop powerful combinations of techniques that will have any attacker second-guessing the wisdom of assaulting you.
  • You learn to control the body of an attacker.  These controls move the body of an attacker so that you can easily hit him and he can’t easily strike or grapple you.  Body controls are the best way to even the odds against a very strong or very big attacker.
  • You develop the read.  The read is learning to recognize the subtle changes in body position that signal who is going to resort to physical violence, and how they will attack you.  This provides you with an edge that will allow you to emerge unscathed in many potentially violent encounters without throwing a single blow!  Of course, should a situation become violent, the edge that the read provides you will be invaluable.
  • You learn about how your own mind behaves under adrenaline and stress.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that your stressed, adrenalized mind behaves just like the book-reading mind.  It doesn’t.  It will weaken you to believe it does.
  • You spend a large portion of your time building a fit body, with healthy muscles and joints.  When your body is fit and balanced, it can easily meet challenges.  Of course, day to day life is also much easier when your body is sound, like nature intended it.

After the Intro…


You have 3 training options to help you get a best fit between you and  kung fu training.

Private training: $79 per 30 minute unit.

Easy In Easy Out Beginner Program: $157 a month.

High Performer Programs:  $257 a month.

All programs are satisfaction guaranteed per month.  Discounts are available for prepays. Easy Cancellation.

Kung Fu Intro Pack

2 Private Sessions + Bonuses
$ 47
  • Private, Best Fit Assessment to Customize Lesson
  • Two 30 Minute, One on One Lessons
  • 3 Bonuses
76% OFF!

3 Bonuses For Intro


#1 My $17.95 Guide, “How to Steal the Secret Thoughts from a Criminal’s Mind and Use Them Against Him!”

This guide gives broad insight into the criminal mind, reveals what the police can’t do for you, and talks about what you must do for yourself!

#2: A $10 Gift Code for our sister site’s online courses, watermountainvirtual.com.  Hone your skills at your home and on the training floor.

#3: A mounted certificate of accomplishment you will be proud to show to friends and family members.  (A $7.84 Value)

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