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Inner Power-Kung Fu’s Legacy

Explainer: Kung Fu Master Mikel Steenrod discusses the concept of Inner Power and how the kung fu story is one of resistance.
Kung Fu Inner Power Cover

Transcription of Inner Power: Kung Fu's Legacy

Hello.  This is Master Mike 
Steenrod at Water Mountain.

The kung fu story is essentially 
a story of resistance.

If you think about Kung fu movies,
you have somebody resisting 
incredible odds:

Sometimes overcoming injustice, 
corrupt officials,
corrupt police.

Sometimes overcoming
dark forces that could be bandits, 
drug dealers,
human traffickers, whatever it 
happens to be. 

But you have an individual that's
pressed up against tremendous 
odds and works to overcome them.

Depending on where you watch a 
sometimes that work is 
successful, and sometimes that work
is unsuccessful.

But we have to ask ourselves,
that core resistance that makes 
up kung fu, where does it come from?

Well, that comes from something 
that we call, "inner power."

Is inner power the same thing as 

No, it's not.

I've written thousands of pages, 
without exaggeration, on chi, and
taught elements of qi gong now 
for decades.

And inner power is not chi.

However, chi is one component
of inner power.

Inner power comes about from the 
internal refinement of the 
individual through the training 

So we take something that is
mushy and subject to external 
influence very easily. 

So if somebody pressures you to 
do something,
or if you're like most people,
if somebody pressures you to do 
you fold under that pressure very 

If the odds get too adverse, you 
fold under those things.

Now, everybody has a limit, and
that's realistic. 

But the reality is that kung fu 
hones the power to resist those things. 

It takes the mushy self and turns 
it into a well cut, well formed 
diamond capable of resisting 
adverse influences.

So typically in the movies,
the person undergoes arduous 

And that arduous training is, of 
course, to hone the body, but 
more importantly, it's to build 
that internal existence, to give
them the ability to stand up to 
adverse things. 

Because when faced with 
adversity, a person either lies 
down and takes it, or stands up 
and resists it. 

And you can be buffeted quite 
hard by those external 

You can even forget the direction 
that you're headed.

And that can come from, I guess, 
a fiendish warlord, or it can 
come from elements of light.

But your inner power helps you to 
overcome those particular things.

Well worth your time and effort 
to achieve.

And remember to spend a few 
moments thinking about who you 
are as an individual,
what you can do in the future,
and that that future is well 
within your ability to achieve.

Thank you very much.


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