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“Handle Yourself, Protect Your Loved Ones, Get Fit in a Lesson Per Week”

…all Through the Amazing Fun of the Filipino Stick Arts

Dear Friend,

What I will reveal to you today is an art of self-defense so potent that you need only one hour per week to be able to handle yourself should the unthinkable happen.

That art, the Filipino Stick Art known as Arnis.

Why Is The Filipino Stick Art So Powerful?

Arnis is a martial art that comes from the Philippines.

The Philippines are an island nation located along major trade routes.  Because the islands are in an ideal trade location, the Philippines were repeatedly occupied by different countries.

The Filipino people, well known for their survival ability, took fighting techniques from each of their occupiers and trade partners.  They blended these skills with their own native ingredients and created a potent and very quick to learn art–Arnis.

Even though the Filipinos had little more than sticks and machetes, they were greatly feared by their better armed invaders because of their fighting arts.  After all, the invaders had to face the best fighting skills of every culture that had been there before them!

Built for a Small Body, Any Size Person Can Use Arnis

As recent studies by population geneticists have shown, the Filipinos are the smallest people in the world.

Naturally, Arnis was built to be usable by a smaller body size.  The training tools are light and easily handled.  The movements are quick.  The art is built around delivering lighter, multiple strikes with a stick or better weapon.

While you become steadily fit through these swift movements, the art does not depend on delivering big, powerful blows.  You don’t need to build big muscles.  You also don’t need to worry about the joint strain that goes hand-in-hand with powerful strikes.

Have At Your Fingertips the Power to Level Even a Bigger, Stronger, Armed Attacker

My wish for you is that you live a safe and happy life.  Dark things do happen, though.  There are thugs in real life.  There are those that love violence and use it out of joy.  There are those that smile on the outside, but have the darkest thoughts on the inside.  If you or your loved ones should cross paths with such a person, you will want to have the power to keep yourself safe.

With Arnis…

  • You can keep yourself from being struck by a weapon, like a baseball bat or pipe
  • You can free yourself from the superior grip of a bigger man
  • You can render senseless a well-trained MMA fighter, kick boxer, or wrestler in seconds
  • You can protect yourself effectively against a gunman
  • You can disarm a person armed with a knife, and keep yourself safe from a truly vicious assault.

You Don’t Need a Stick

“What if you don’t have a stick?”  I often get this question, and it is a very good question.  I have a very good answer.  I teach arnis using sticks, and we practice arnis mostly with a stick.  But…

You don’t need a stick!

Arnis works with any object.  Your shoe.  Your coat.  A pencil.  A knife.  A book.  A newspaper.  A bottle.  A chair.  Even a t-bone steak.  To demonstrate the power of Arnis, I once fought with a submarine sandwich (wrapped in plastic wrap).  I did very well and had a nice lunch afterward!

Arnis teaches motion and something called tactical, reflex response.  Both of those things can be done with any object.  A stick is simply an excellent training tool.

The Fun is Kept In!

When dealing with such a dark topic like self-defense, it can seem depressing and over-serious.  In many serious martial arts, that is the case.

In the Philippines, Arnis is part of parades, celebrations, and parties.  The reason?  A large part of the art is what are called “display behaviors”  Or good, old-fashioned showing off!

It also helps that the Filipinos are fun-loving and really enjoy a good time.

Let’s take a look at some of the fun:

  • Much of Arnis is rhythmic and dance-like.  In fact, during the Spanish occupation the art could only be openly practiced in its dance-like drills.
  • Arnis includes intricate, flashy twirls to build wrist and forearm strength and flexibility.  The twirls also make quite a show!
  • Partnered, double stick work that would thrill even the best heavy metal drummer!
  • Graceful, ballet-like weapons play called Palit-Palit.

Of course, it is always fun to outsmart an attacker that believes he has the upper-hand!

Arnis Double Stick Work You’ll Be Able to Do

Exciting Arnis Ballet-Like Knife play of Palit-Palit

Flashy, Intricate Twirling of Arnis

Look at What People Are Saying About Their Professional Arnis Experience at Water Mountain!

[symple_testimonial]”I really enjoy training in Arnis…. it is the most useful in day to day self-defense.  It is great exercise and I have even lost a little weight since I started training!”

–Beau Reilly, Sunnyside, Flagstaff[/symple_testimonial]

[symple_testimonial]”Arnis is absolutely useable to me.  The techniques are surprisingly simple yet very effective. I see myself moving in ways I would not have expected.  I can use common items that I use everyday in a new and effective way that I didn’t expect [for defense].”

–Caleb Loughran, Northern Arizona University[/symple_testimonial]

[symple_testimonial]”I’ve only been training 3 or 4 months and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about different types of blocking, striking, bump disarms, releases, how to take your stick back if somebody grabs it–a million things!”

–James Dowd, University Heights Neighborhood, Flagstaff[/symple_testimonial]

[symple_testimonial]”Kombatan Arnis is actually a multiple weapons discipline.  You learn many weapons–sticks, knives, machetes, empty hands, found objects like phone books, newspapers, even an old-shoe, and you learn to wield any of them with amazing fight-stopping power.

I like the fast pace of Kombatan (arnis), and the very quick attainment of skills to defend yourself with.  I’ve been at it for more than five years and I’m still learning & having a lot of fun!”

–David Semanas, University Heights Neighborhood, Flagstaff[/symple_testimonial]

Who Should Not Do Arnis

If you are a mature teen or adult without any history of violent mental illness, or violent tendencies, you are a good candidate for Arnis training.  Arnis easily matches different levels of starting physical fitness, and physical disabilities.  We’ve also had great success with students starting as young as 7.

When Is This Amazing Professional Arnis Program Offered?

This fully featured Arnis program that consistently produces national caliber Arnisadors is available conveniently in private lessons.

Private lessons meet at a time slot convenient for you.

Tuition for private sessions starts at $47 per 30 minute session.

Getting Started…

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Warm Regards,

Master Mikel Steenrod

P.S.  The need to defend yourself and keep fit are vital issues to your health and safety.  Nothing has the ability to do that better than a weapon.

P.P.S  Current members and alumni are not eligible for this special offer.

“Yes, Master Mike, I Want to Be Able to Handle Myself, Protect My Family, and Get Fit!”

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