Kung Fu Poses: Intermediate Level

Intermediate Kung Fu Poses

Kung Fu Poses serve as a classic display behavior, but they are also a fun, healthy way to develop your body and resistance to pain without incurring injury.  In a day in and day out training across years, variety in the process becomes important to keeping your interest high, and to mixing it up for your body.

There are 5 Kung Fu poses at the intermediate level.  The first tier, beginner, kung fu poses should be brought to a structurally sound and easy hold at 10 minutes before shifting to these tier two poses.

Included in this pose set:

  • Rising Spear Pose, With a Spear.
  • Rising Spear Pose, Without a Spear.
  • Deep Back Stance Pose.
  • Serving Dumplings to the Dragon Pose.
  • Eagle Rising Pose


Kung Fu Pose Rising Spear With Spear
A heroic look is characteristic of this kung fu pose. With a Spear the balance is slightly toward the risen leg.

Kung Fu Pose Rising Spear
Without the Spear Weight is shifted to the base leg.

Deep Backstance--Kung Fu Pose
Feet should be flat on the surface. Ideally knees are bent at least at 90 degrees.

Serving dumpling to the dragon kung fu pose.
This is a twisty legs stance. The rear foot rest on the ball of the foot to compensate for different surfaces. The front foot is flat.

Kung Fu Pose--Rising Eagle.
The key for this is that the feet are flat on the ground. If you have difficulty doing so, decrease the depth of the crouch. In contrast to the pose known as the chair, the hips are at an acute angle, usually around 60 degrees.


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