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Explainer: Slo Mo Long Staff Match

Breakdown With Highlights of Long Staff Match in Slo Motion.
Two Men in a Long Staff Fencing Match exchange thrust

Deets of the Long Staff Match

Weapons Martial Arts

  • The video is composed of stills shot at 1/20 of sec intervals with a Nikon Z9.  What is documented is 0.7 seconds of the match.  Each stutter in the video is a 20th of a second.
  • This was a three way match between Master Mikel Steenrod, Mr. Jim Graham, and Mr. Beau Reilly as part of a class.  Master Steenrod is off frame in this exchange and is lurking.
  • This is from February of 2022.  The snow has melted, and the ground is muddy and incredibly slippery.  The participants are using step training specifically designed for poor terrain.
  • Jim and Beau have a small parry exchange immediately before Jim (black coat) makes his big maneuver.
  • Beau (down vest) takes a leg thrust at Jim, which Jim evades with a circle.  He is also spotting the field to determine the position of Master Steenrod, and to see whether he is closing on them.
  • Jim uses the circle to adopt a number 3 position (a sideways angle), and thrusts.  Beau realizes the position change and attempts to deflect the thrust, but can’t.  The thrust is too fast to catch photographically at 1/20th of a second, and we see only the end result with Beau receiving a thrust in the side.
  • Still photo credits to Robin Silver Photography.


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