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Qi of the Summer Solstice-2023

The qi of the summer solstice provides us with both risks and rewards.
Illustrating cover of the qi of the summer

The explainer video, Qi of The Summer Solstice is fully captioned.  The online qi gong course recommended in the video can be found here: https://watermountainvirtual.com

Transcription of the video, "Qi of the Summer Solstice."

Hi. This is Master Mike with


Let’s take a look at the summer
solstice and what that means for


when it comes to your Qi.

With the summer, we move to a
stable yang phase.

So yang is the more outward

active component of your energy,

as opposed to Yin, which is a
more inward

action of your qi.

When we approach the solstice,
we’re going from a very rapid

rise of the yang within spring

to a pretty stable state, like so
throughout the summer.

That doesn’t mean the same
value throughout the entire

summer, but it’s stable.

It bounces up and down, typically
within a particular range,

and is the most stable yang that
we have during the year.

The solstice itself, which is on
the 21st

this year,


you should consider to be a flag
rather than a switch.

So when we hit an astronomical
event, there isn’t a magic


that’s flipped and suddenly

all the chi transforms in your

The qi within your environment, is a
product of the local plant life,

the local animal life, the
geography of your particular area

and your exact latitude and

All those things impact that qi.

As we approach the astronomical shift,

there is a steady reorientation

of that qi within your

The exact timing of that change
varies according to where you


Typically the window is about two
weeks before the event.

So two weeks before the solstice,
which I’m shooting this roughly,

seven days before the soulstice
right now,

and two weeks after.

So depending on where you are
located, this change can occur

anywhere within that time frame.

For some of you, it may have
already occurred, and you could

be in the stable yang of summer.

Now what does stable young mean
for you?

Well, it means that physical
activities are typically easier

in the summer,

but resting activities can be
more difficult.

Now what that means is that if
you have difficulty sleeping,

you are likely to have a greater
difficulty sleeping during the summer.

You are also likely to have a
greater difficulty simply relaxing

and resting to nourish yourself.

Many people will compensate for
that by increasing the time that

they spend in a relaxation phase,
which is perfectly logical.

So let’s say,

during a Yin phase, you could
rest for

one hour

and get fully recovered, and
nourished during a yang phase,

you would have to rest for two or
three hours to achieve the same end.

And the flip side of that is that
it’s much easier to do physical activities

during the yanng phase. It is easier to
get yourself to get up and do something.

So a phase like this is an

to take advantage of that yang

and go do the physical activities
that you want to do.

You’re going to be at a
disadvantage within the yin.

Now, the transition from one phase
to another, marked by solstice.

So the solstice let’s say,
straight out

that transition point can be

for a person to process,
especially if they are

experiencing, let’s say, health
difficulties, energy difficulties,

any one of those particular

The best way to address that

is to actually just do some
simple qi gong,

and that will get you

your system into a position where
it can more easily transition.

Ok, I hope this was a helpful tid bit for you.

If you would like, we have an
excellent video qi gong courses on

our watermountainvirtual.com

If you have any particular

you can simply

place them in the comment section

or send an email,

if the comment section is not
working for you.

Thank you very much.


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