“7 Powerful Reasons Why Kung Fu Can Dramatically Improve Your Health, Your Confidence, and Your Life!”

Water Mountain’s Flagstaff Kung Fu program is Lit AF!

Dear Friend,

In a very brief period of time you can become fitter, more flexible and have that unmistakable healthy aura.  And have a lot more fun too.


By studying the world’s best Kung Fu program at Water Mountain.

Before I describe my program in more detail let me explain why you should consider Flagstaff’s Kung Fu training.

Important Reasons to Study Kung Fu

  • Discover how to move your body just as Jet Li, Michelle Yo, Jackie Chan do.
  • Build a sleek, powerful, healthy body that other people admire.
  • Gain the courage to keep moving forward in life’s many fearful situations.
  • Build in yourself the ability to stand up and be counted, when difficult times call for action.
  • Discover how to use your own inner strength to focus and protect yourself should someone “want a piece of you.”
  • Gain new friends and have a lot of fun while learning kung fu the right way.
  • Gain the admiration of others that comes from studying at the Harvard of martial arts schools.

Kung Fu Powered Successful People All Through History

In ancient China, kung fu was the foundation of every successful person, and it was a serious blow to have never studied it.  Not studying kung fu meant that you were crippled in your ability to get the big dreams of life.  It was studied by every lord, prince, emperor, general, warrior, scholar, and doctor.  If you wanted to be in charge of anything or have the ability to face life and death situations, you studied kung fu.

Kung fu made a man into a king.

How Will Kung Fu Build Such Awesome Power in You?

By Training the Body and the Mind!

  • Release Your Greatest Inner Potential.  That’s the reason that martial arts were taught in temples, to help a person tap inner strength.  Without the emphasis on finding and releasing your personal ability, you may be studying a martial art, but you are not studying kung fu.
  • Read Human Behavior.  You learn to observe and control human behavior.  Your lessons makes you aware of others true, hidden intentions and allow you to predict their actions.  Imagine being able to read when someone intends to harm you physically, harm you socially, or harm you financially.  Would the read lead to greater success for you?  Of course!  Knowing the unspoken intentions of others always gives you an edge!
  • Your Power Will Come From Your Amazing Health.  Frankly, you become so healthy and fit from kung fu, friends and strangers comment on it.  That health is a source of great power for you.  Rather than beating your body down to get kung fu’s power, you gain power from the increase of your body’s strength and glowing health.
  • Get a Well of Positive Self-Belief.  Performance and success in life is a contest between fear and self-belief, every single day, day in day out.  If fear wins, you hesitate to do the thing you want, you fail to grab that opportunity, or you fail to say the thing you know you should say.   Self-belief drowns fear.  In kung fu, you will build self-belief and use self-belief every single class.
  • Learn to Make the Impossible Possible with Visualization.  The body and mind have a control board, and that control board is called visualization. Learn to use that control board with the skill of a jet plane pilot through kung fu.
  • Gain the Power of Intensity.  If you’ve been to a game or watched the news lately, you know that athletes are very emotional people.  Emotion comes from hormone flows in the body, and to get the best performance from your body you need hormones.  That hormone system can be tapped and controlled consciously, with the power of your mind.  That control produces what is called intensity.  The key, of course, is having the ability to turn it on and off–something lacking with many athletes, but not in kung fu.
  • Get the Secret to Success–Unstoppable, motivated repetition.  You don’t have to look very far to see what separates a successful person and an unsuccessful person is the amount of time spent doing a thing, over and over.  In other words, reps.  The problem is that you and I aren’t machines, and a “Do the reps switch” can’t just be flipped on.  If it was that simple, then everyone would be strong, fit and successful.  You have to learn how to do repetition with your heart and mind committed so that you’re not just going through the motions.  I ‘ll work with you on that from day one.  You know something, you’ll love it.  It’ll also spread like wildfire throughout the rest of your life.

Water Mountain Kung Fu Quickly Firms Your Body, Changes Your Life, Fills It with Friendly People


J.M. Sharber, West Flagstaff, discusses the confidence building power of kung fu and the drive to attend.


[symple_testimonial]”I love to come to Kung Fu because it makes me feel strong and capable. I really like The people in class. They are fun to be with and show respect and good sportsmanship. I’m always telling my friends! :)”

–Laura Wittke, Timberline[/symple_testimonial]

[symple_testimonial]” Since I started attending Water Mountain, I have noticed things were changing. I found it easier to make goals for myself and work hard for them. Difficult tasks were less daunting. Even aside from that studying at Water Mountain is a fun way to meet people who want more out of life, rather than just float along. Studying here has taught me what it is to really commit to something you have to work for. The fact that it is great fun is a huge bonus! Absolutely Anyone can benefit from what is taught here.”–Kevin Greenwood, NAU[/symple_testimonial]
[symple_testimonial]”….What I love about Water Mountain is that it keeps me fit, it is full of friendly and helpful students, and the training always leaves me feeling refreshed and relaxed. Not only that, but I’ve developed skill improvement in leadership, perseverance, stamina and other useful real-world assets. Martial arts training has encouraged me to be healthy and pursue my goals, and, of course, feel more confident about self-defense….”

–Daniel G, Doney Park[/symple_testimonial]

[symple_testimonial]”…In Kung Fu I have become more aware of my frustrations & I have been able to let them go & get on with the focus of the program….”

–Sandy Winner, North Flagstaff[/symple_testimonial]

[symple_testimonial]”The many ways I have benefited from my association with Water Mountain would be impossible to enumerate. Without much elaboration, here are a few examples: improved physical health, stamina and strength, new confidence in skill-learning abilities, tools to attain inner peace, an ever-growing circle of friends of the highest caliber, and the perspective to re-evaluate previously unquestioned life goals….”

–Morgan Boatman, Kachina Village[/symple_testimonial]

What Do You Do in Our Flagstaff Kung Fu Program?

Kung fu is a body and mind training system.   It gives you ferocious self-defense ability to protect both yourself and your loved ones should dark times, unfortunately, call for it.

Kung Fu has 7 absolutely, stand-out features.

  • Kung Fu is primarily a striking art that uses hands about 60% of the time.
  • You build high power striking force so that you can stop someone very quickly, often with a single blow.
  • You develop powerful combinations of techniques that will have any attacker second-guessing the wisdom of assaulting you.
  • You learn to control the body of an attacker.  These controls move the body of an attacker so that you can easily hit him and he can’t easily strike or grapple you.  Body controls are the best way to even the odds against a very strong or very big attacker.
  • You develop the read.  The read is learning to recognize the subtle changes in body position that signal who is going to resort to physical violence, and how they will attack you.  This provides you with an edge that will allow you to emerge unscathed in many potentially violent encounters without throwing a single blow!  Of course, should a situation become violent, the edge that the read provides you will be invaluable.
  • You learn about how your own mind behaves under adrenaline and stress.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that your stressed, adrenalized mind behaves just like the book-reading mind.  It doesn’t.  It is a great error to assume that it does.  One that will place you at a disadvantage in any sort of high stress situation!
  • You spend a large portion of your time building a fit body, with healthy muscles and joints.  When your body is fit and balanced, it can easily meet challenges.  Of course, day to day life is also much easier when your body is sound, like nature intended it.

Mentally, we work on tapping the awesome power of the mind by teaching you how to…

  • Build self-belief so strong you never give up due to fear!
  • Visualize to control the nerves and muscles of your body!

What is the Training Experience Like?

 “Everyone, students and instructors, work together to form an extremely positive environment,”  Alan Kaufmann, East Flagstaff.

  • You train in a professional, clean, and well-equipped environment.  The floor is matted with seamless, high absorbent foam.
  • Training is trust-based.  Our programs are designed to build reliable, supporting relationships among students and coaches.
  • Training is team-based.  You train with teams of students like you.  You get to both know and trust the people you train with.  You are responsible for contributing to a mutually supporting training environment.
  • You learn the vital skills of both building trust and working in team.
  • Your training is scaled.  You spend most of your time partnered with fellow students of similar skill, with a coach, or doing drills that fit your body and skills.  There is no sink or swim mentality.

Training Packages Designed to Fit You!

You have 3 training options to help you get a best fit between you and  kung fu training.

Private training, with myself, or my highly skilled coaches (your choice).  Private training can be completely customized to fit your body, your schedule and your funds.

Easy In Easy Out Beginner Program.  This program is satisfaction guaranteed each month.  You may start or stop it at any time.  This program is $137 a month.

High Performer Programs. For people that want to rapidly get the body and mind benefits of kung fu, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced.  Team emphasis in these programs is stronger.  Programs start at $197 a month.

Who Absolutely Should Not Study Flagstaff’s Kung Fu at Water Mountain

If you are violent, or are prone to violent outbursts, you are not welcome.  If you are looking for a tool to simply dominate others, the power of kung fu is not for you.  If you are looking for a simple drop-in, horse-around gym, Water Mountain is not for you.  If you are simply fishing for rank, this is not the place to come.

From a health perspective, our programs are designed to work with your starting point from extremely unfit to highly athletic.  However, to train you need to have at least one healthy, reliable limb.

As a final note, if you have arthritic hands, you should not train in kung fu.  I don’t want you to experience an injury.  Water Mountain has other programs better suited to your needs.

How Do You Get Started?

Let’s set aside the glowing recommendations about the program that you’ve read and listened to already.  Let’s ignore the national publications that the school has been featured in or the national awards.

Yes, all of it is potent proof that Water Mountain Kung Fu will deliver amazing benefits to you.

I’m a see it to believe it kind of guy.  Let me make an incredible offer to you.  I want you to have the benefits of Kung Fu, and experience both the mental and physical results of training.  That way you can make a confident decision about the importance of adding Kung Fu to your life.

So, I am putting together the Premium Kung Fu Starter Pack, with an amazing discount and unheard of Guarantee.

Premium Flagstaff Kung Fu Starter Pack

All of this for Only $27

  • Private, Best Fit Assessment to figure what’s best for you.
  • Two, One-on-One Private Sessions.  These are 30 Minutes and $57 each for a total of $114!

As a special thank you for acting today,

I’ll Include 3 FREE gifts!

Free Gift for Trying Flagstaff Kung Fu


FREE Gift #1: My $17.95 Guide, “How to Steal the Secret Thoughts from a Criminal’s Mind and Use Them Against Him!”

This guide gives broad insight into the criminal mind, reveals what the police can’t do for you, and talks about what you must do for yourself!

FREE Gift #2: An 8×11 glossy, color photo taken right after your lesson.  The photo shows you with the confident glow of Kung Fu.  (A $4 value!)

FREE Gift #3: A mounted certificate of accomplishment you will be proud to show to friends and family members.  (A $7.84 Value)

The Total Value of this Package: $143.79

Since I want you to experience the power of kung fu, I’ll give you a 81% discount.

This package is only $27!

We've Got You Covered. This Flagstaff Kung FU Intro is Guaranteed

If you are dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever, I’ll refund every penny of for this package to you, cheerfully.

Enroll now, please!

Master Mikel Steenrod

P.S. With my unheard of Satisfaction Guarantee and the national recognition of the school, you are risking absolutely nothing!

P.P.S.  I can only afford to give this deal to new clients.  Sorry no current members or alumni!

P.P.P.S.  Can you pass up 3 Free Bonuses, and an amazing training package, a $123.79 for only $27?  You can pass up $96.79 in savings?

“Yes, I Want to Follow the Ancient Kung Fu Path to Greater Confidence, Health, and a Trim Body!”

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