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Dear Friend,

So what have you gotten in exchange for aging?

You have some money.  In a good economy, you have investments that do well.  You have friends and you built a family.

You Have Been a Responsible Person, But Does Any of it Matter?

Being responsible cost you.

You’ve watched your get up and go get up and leave.  You go through periods of exhaustion.  You are carrying around extra weight.  Your back doesn’t feel like it did.  Maybe you took some injury that decided it wasn’t going to heal, and now you’re in constant pain.

Maybe you also feel unattractive.  Maybe your self-confidence is not where it should be, and you suffer from bouts of depression, or anxiety.

You take vacations.  They “relax” you, but you’re back to where you were before as soon as you come back from the vacation.

Frankly, these problems look so big that for the most part you stopped looking seriously for a solution to them years ago.

Can it really be that you are meant to feel good only for a short period of time in your life, maybe a spot of five years in your twenties, and that everything else is downhill?

If you believe that this is the way things should be for you, then you’ve bought into a very western, media driven frame of mind that tells you your “real” life is in your twenties.  There is absolutely nothing that I can do for you if that’s your core belief.

I am going to talk to you about a different solution.  I have seen it work for hundreds of people and it has worked personally for me for thirty years.  It is all natural, and doesn’t involve red, blue, pink, and orange pills.

A solution that can be proven with measurable changes in your own body, and the reports of other people that have used it.  A solution that is not a fad, but rather the systematically tested and built knowledge of Chinese practitioners over thousands of years.

That solution is qi gong (chee gone).

What Part of Your Life Do You Want Back?

You’ve had to put up with a lot of sacrifices and gradual losses from your quality of life.  Let’s take a look at what you had in your youth.  We associate 5 things with being youthful:

5 Benefits of Youth

  1. Being free of worry and stress.  Someone else is taking care of you and protecting you, so you don’t have to deal with conflict and the demands of others.
  2. Bounce back from injury.  Remember when you could twist something, or fall down, or jump off of something with no fear of not recovering.  You just knew you were going to recover.  I bet you can remember the injury when that changed, when something small that would have never hurt you before suddenly did.
  3. Resistance to illness.  Certainly, we’ve all had bad colds and flus when young, but now they linger for what seems like forever.  Just nagging you, and sucking away your energy.
  4. Being able to sleep at night.  What a luxury of youth!
  5. Stamina–going and going and going.  Where did the going go?

There are plenty of things you don’t want from youth.  You don’t want the lack of judgment, you don’t want the inexperience, and you don’t want the lack of initiative.

What you do want back are those 5 benefits of youth, right?  Good news….

 The Ancients Wanted the Same Thing as You
5,000 Years ago!

The ancient Chinese developed qi gong as a health building system, because they had the same concerns and worries that you do in the modern world.  They also had to deal with all these stresses and desires, but WITHOUT MODERN DRUGS!

Do you think, with 5,000 years of trial, you could build an effective health solution without the use of drugs?  Of course you could!

But you’re not going to live for 5,000 thousand years, so why not take advantage of the work of an entire culture that has already done the work for you?

What You Do in Qi Gong to Get You Those Youthful, Health Benefits!

Activities in Our Flagstaff Qi Gong Program

  • You use different physical positions to correct the flow of qi, natural energy, in the body.  The time period for those positions is very short initially, no more than a twenty county, to avoid excess muscle tension.
  • You learn by sharing your experiences.  You have chat periods with other members to talk about your physical sensations, what your brain was doing, and any insights or observations you had.  In this way, you build your ability to pay attention to your body.
  • You learn to break the “stress shape” of your body.  Right now, even as you read this, you are holding your body in an unnatural position.  Do a little check with me right now…
    • There are muscles that are being held tense that don’t need to be held tense.  Take your shoulders for example.  Can you move them downward?  If you can, they were being held upward by muscle tension.
    • As you read this, are you lifting something?  If you’re not, there is no mechanical reason for your shoulders to be tense.
    • What about your jaw?  Or your forehead?  You see, your body is shaped by the pressures of the outside world.  Keeping those muscles tense requires energy, resources, and a certain cocktail of hormones in your body.  Having those muscles tense changes the blood flow in your body.  That’s going to cause all sorts of vascular problems, like high blood pressure and limb coldness.
  • You study the theory of qi gong.  You get to learn why qi gong works, and how.
  • You build your own practice routine.  As your knowledge of how you work increases, we support and encourage you while you build your own training routines.  This way you’ll have the tools that you need to offset stress and recover from physical demands.

How Does Our Flagstaff Qi Gong Program Build  Your Health and Give You Energy?

The short explanation is that qi gong builds and balances the flow of qi within your body.

Qi is the energy of life.  Each cell of your body needs a certain amount of that energy all the time to maintain normal, healthy operation.

If your tissue is denied the proper amount of qi, it starts to instantly breakdown.  That break down causes you to be more vulnerable to injury and disease.  It also causes the tissue to enter into an aged state.  During average day to day life, you will see this breakdown effect after you have gone through a long sleepless period.

Have you noticed when you are tired that you can bruise easily, that things can hurt you more, that you are sensitive to heat and cold?  Other’s negative emotions even get you down easily.  Have you also noticed that you look physically older?

Without qi, the tissues break down and age.

Natural Form and Essence Qi Gong is a system designed to build the natural, healthy flow of qi in the body.  It doesn’t require you to believe in it and will function as long as you do the postures and show a little self-control.

In 30 years, I have never seen one person that did not benefit from doing qi gong with the correct training.  You will feel every physical problem you have improve and many emotional issues.

What Water Mountain Students are Saying About Qi Gong

 Kira Semanas, West Flagstaff, gives a straight talk about the power of qi gong, its relation to tai chi and yoga.

“…Improvement in overall health, energy, and strength.  Specific improvment in the area of the lower back and organ functions….This last year since beginning training has been extremely informative for me and a totally wonderful experience both in the phsyical and emotional realms.”

–Me Sah, Baderville

 “I feel like I belong here.

  • I sleep better.
  • If anything I treat others better.
  • Yes, I don’t think about the past as much and if the past does come to mind I have a tool to make it go away.”

–Sherry Winter, Kachina Village

” Lower back pain from vertebrae fractured in an automobile accident has been constant with me for years.  The pain has ranged between episodes extreme enough to disable me for a day pr maybe longer to chronic low-level background annoyance.  After a few Water Mountain Qi Gong sessions it occurred to me one day that I had not been aware of my back at all lately.  I suppose the lack of something unpleasant easily passes unnoticed even if it’s something that has been with you for decades.  When I finally became aware of a change I tested my perceptions and, indeed, the back pain was gone.  We directed no exercises to that area, but rather amazing results were achieved nonetheless.”

–Bob Boatman, Kachina Village

“Water Mountain has improved my health so much-sometimes I can hardly believe it!  When I first started coming here I was having so much pain, I was just about disabled.  Now I’m energetic, feel younger, and I’m nearly pain free.  Water Mountain has changed my life for the better….You can come here to handle stress, have a more balanced life and receive lots of positive support both from the staff and from all the friends you make here.”

–Maureen White, West Flagstaff

“Classes are taught in a disciplined way.  Qi gong is my first “draw” to this school and the various forms of qi gong intrigue me.  Group teaching with individual needs appropriately met.  Non-judgemental space for learning.  Fun.  Good sense of community.  Easy availability for questions/learning.

A pleasure to be here and to participate.  This school experience has ignited in me a true passion for studying qi gong.  The qi gong has also added to self healing for me.”

–Tracy Lenda, Tucson

Mary Riek, Appalachian Neighborhood, talks about the rewards she gets from qi gong.

What Do You Do From Here?

Qi Gong has tremendous benefits to your health and energy.  What I want you to do is to experience some of those benefits for yourself, in the privacy of your own home.   I am going to give a you course, that in person, would cost you $392.  For you, via email, it will be FREE!

Using just your own body, you’ll learn how to…

  • Build your energy to heights that you did not believe was legally possible!
  • Drop Stress to lower than vacation levels in 30 minutes or less!
  • Improve the function of your heart and lower high blood pressure!
  • Decrease aches and pains inside of 6 weeks, noticeably and reliably.
  • Sleep better!
  • Build your immune system to the point where you will rarely become ill from the cold and flu!
  • When the season’s change you can avoid the usual funk by keeping yourself balanced!

Once you have taken the step of enrolling in the email course, we can look at you enrolling in person.  Please sign up below!

Warm Regards,

Martial Arts Master Mike Signature

P.S.  This is something you want to do you for yourself.  You can have all the success in the world, but if you don’t have your health, what do you have?

P.P.S.  What if this is your thing?  The thing that gives you energy and strength well into your later years.  Are you really willing to pass by a chance to try it for Free?  Really?  Please give this Free opportunity a try right now!

P.P.P.S.  Due to the spread of the swine flu and other “super bugs,” I have added a two part addition to the course focusing specifically on supercharging the immune system.  I have students regularly tell me how they went from frequent colds, flus, and bronchitis to becoming ill, at most, only once per year.

P.P.P.P.S.  More energy, better moods, a supercharged immune system.  It’s a value at $392.  For you, FREE!  Sign up below, now.


Are You in the Flagstaff Area? Do You Want to Try Qi Gong in Person?  Enroll in the two private lesson introduction!

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