Was I Just Able To Do That?

Martial Arts and Health

“Water Mountain is a great place to train. Besides the beautiful facility, every instructor is professional, respectful, easy to get along with, and concerned with your progress. The lessons are always very useful and practical, and techniques are demonstrated in a way that makes them quite easy to learn and do, often with surprising results.

A question I’ve often found myself asking after a class is: “Was I really just able to do that?”.

Training at Water Mountain has also improved my health in a long-term and lasting way, both physically and mentally. After training there I find myself with much less stress, as well as an increased drive to do well in life, with the skills and confidence I need to do so.

I would encourage anyone interested in training to try it out. You won’t be sorry!”

James “Bolt-Cutter” Patton, U.S. Coast Guard


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