Kids White Sash Platinum Pack

Kids White Sash Platinum Pack


White Sash Platinum Pack–An amazing introductory offer for children wanting to try kung fu.

Ages twelve and below.

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The Private, White Sash, Introductory Pack

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

2 Private 30 Minute Lessons–Your child won’t have to struggle for attention surrounded by strangers.  There will be a single teacher dedicated just to him.  This is a normal value of $74.  During those lessons, he or she will learn how to…

  • Stand upright, pay attention, and show the type of basic respect that makes the world go around peacefully.
  • Use his or her voice as a defense against an abductor.
  • Break away from someone trying to grab him.
  • Punch, and properly send aggression into a safe target.
  • Kick with speed, power, and confidence.
  • Fall down.  Your child will fall down a lot in life.  Doing it safely and early is important to avoid broken bones and concussions.
  • Build agility and a powerful, commanding body through our insanely fun obstacle course.
  • Keep punches and kicks from hitting his or her body.

Plus, in the second lesson, we will teach your child a special move.  This will be an advanced move that will be custom fit to his or her physical abilities.  We won’t know what that move is until after the first private session, because we won’t know what fits him or her until then.

At the end of the second lesson, your child will earn a White Sash (value of $7).  This is a long strip of elegant white satin cloth used to mark what he or she has accomplished at Water Mountain.

Includes 3 Free Gifts, Worth $49.83

As a sign of appreciation, for enrolling today…

FREE Gift #1: A cool, branded t-shirt and pants, normal cost of $37.99.  Your child will get pants and t-shirt as a uniform to wear during the lesson, and will keep it after the lesson.

FREE Gift #2: An 8×11 glossy, color photo taken right after your child’s lesson.  The photo shows your child with the confident glow of Kung Fu.  (A $4 value to have it printed at a photo booth!)

FREE Gift #3: A certificate of accomplishment your child will be proud to show to friends and family members.  The certificate will also be mounted in fine certificate holder (A $7.84 value).

The Total Value of this Package, including Free Gifts: $130.83

A Special Just For You, ONLY: $27.00

Due to the nature of this offer, only one of these courses may be taken per individual.