John Pertuit Child Molester and Character Flaw



The disposition of the John Pertuit case is here in the Daily Sun. http://azdailysun.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/article_7509490b-5e9b-553c-b7e2-c55730839b73.html


Since the case is resolved, I have pulled the original article.

Due to its popularity, it will be made available by download for a modest fee.  I will also provide a summation of the search terms that lead people here, the controversy around it, and the pro-sex abuse responses.

Good luck to you in this year of 2010!


Master Mikel Steenrod

P.S.  As a note to those of you that have decided to violate Copyright Law.  The material here is not public domain.  It is clearly copyrighted.  I suggest you keep in mind what has happened to those that have simply shared music files, and the massive settlements that have been forced from them.

I have already legally compelled settlement of IP theft issues in my favor and will continue to due so systematically.  Running message boards is a business for those running them.  Once I hit them with an order and a large bill for using my IP (clear copyright violation), they cave really quickly and pony up your email.  Then I come after you.  Then you pay me every month for the next twenty years.

Oh, that yahoo and gmail address, not as anonymous as you thought.


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