“Nutshell Overview of Water Mountain”

Jedi Are Big Fans of Water Mountain Martial Arts

Dear Friend,

Welcome.  Many times I am asked to describe what Water Mountain provides Flagstaff in a nutshell.  Here is that nutshell.

I Offer Flagstaff Training Courses in 4 Areas

  • 1) Kung Fu, a striking martial art and system of personal development designed to build a highly fit, highly protected, well-rounded person.
  • 2) Qi Gong, an art of self-healing and self-nourishment designed to balance the body and comfort the spirit.
  • 3) Weaponry, where we concentrate on Filipino stick and Chinese broadsword.
  • 4) Fitness, which you may achieve through our kung fu program, since there are fitness standard that increase with your advancement.

#1 and #3 are martial arts while #2 and #4 are for health.

Services are Provided in 3 Ways in Each of These 4 Areas

Private Lessons: This is one instructor with one student providing a lesson specifically designed for the needs of that student.

Group Classes: Our group classes are team driven, and run the range from low commitment to high commitment.

Seminars and Intensives: These are highly popular and have a broad draw.  If interested please visit Flagstaff Seminars  or for our major kung fu intensive.


Please visit the appropriate website page for your martial art or health interest.

If you need to talk with me directly, please call 928-600-1242.  I will likely have to return your call, because I am typically teaching throughout the day.

Warm Regards,

Master Mike Signature

P.S.  I do want you to experience the excitement of martial arts or health training at a school of Water Mountain’s caliber.  Unfortunately, the curse of being good at what we do is that we are very busy.  Please be patient and leave a message or wait a bit when visiting in person.

 P.P.S Click here for a Free course providing an overview on the martial arts.

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