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“How the Ancient Art of Kung Fu Can Vastly Boost Your Child’s Power, Confidence, and Self-Esteem!”

And she’ll have a lot of fun learning too!

Dear Friend,

Let’s take 2 kids.  One is named Peyton.  The other is named Jordan.

Peyton is 7, and fit.  Stands upright.  Looks at you when you talk.  Knows how to say hello properly to adults and knows how to say hello to other kids.  Peyton is confident.

Jordan is also 7, and has a belly, “baby fat.”  Spends too much time in glued to electronics.  Avoids going outdoors.  Looks away from you when you talk.  Sits slouched.  Stands slouched.  Is really hesitant in any physical activity.  Jordan is afraid to talk to others and avoids interaction.

What Makes Your Child Successful?

Stand Peyton and Jordan side by side.  Peyton is standing tall, fit, looking at you.  Jordan is slouched, belly almost peeking out, avoiding your glance, body turned slightly away.

Let’s ask some hard questions.  Questions that have to be asked for the welfare of the kids.

  • Who get’s to go to the dance with someone? Peyton or Jordan.
  • Who get’s the better grades? Peyton or Jordan.
  • Who get’s the swirly in the bathroom? Peyton or Jordan.
  • Who get’s beat up and left in the wood chips near the swing set? Peyton or Jordan.

Now, I bet you answering those questions wasn’t very difficult.  Let’s take it the next step and fast forward to adulthood.  Who has the better job?  Who is in a positive, caring relationship?

Let me tell you a secret,  I know Peyton and Jordan.  They are real people.  I’ve changed the names to protect their identities.  Do you know what separated Peyton and Jordan?

Kung Fu.

Do you want to know another little secret?

Peyton and Jordan are the same kid!  Peyton is Jordan, 18 months after Jordan’s life was fired up through kung fu!

How Water Mountain Kid’s Kung Fu Can
Transform a Wall-flower into A Power-house!

Group shows the benefits of martial arts for kids

Frankly, I want to give kids as much of an advantage as possible in this topsy-turvy, confused world.  The kung fu program that I’ve put together, from my 31 years of experience, makes children fit, confident, motivated and more outgoing.  They also become far safer, and much more difficult to take advantage of.

As a parent, you are certainly interested in developing those qualities in your child.  Let’s see how we can get that for you.

I call this powerful program, the Water Mountain All Stars Program.  It emphasizes 6 key points of Kung Fu development.

Point #1: Your Child with Anger and Emotion Under Control

No one likes a child that throws fits, hits other people, or runs away when frustrated.  We all put up with such kids, but no one likes them.

They are a pain in the store.  They are a pain in school.  They are a pain at family events.  If it’s your kid, well, you’ve probably come to the Water Mountain specifically to deal with this problem.  Good for you.

The truth is the animal angry response is inside of all of us.  When we can control and direct it, it is a powerful tool for getting unpleasant stuff done.

When we don’t control it–disaster.  A violent, rage-driven person is created.

Kung fu provides a potent, unparalleled outlet for aggression that is safe.  It teaches your child how to focus and channel emotion.

What will your child experience when he or she hits a pad, Bam! for the first time?  A sense of instant power!  Instant gratification from controlling and directing aggression.

Your kid’s brain learns (not just says) “Controlling and focusing myself let’s me be powerful!”  That’s a lot better than a your child throwing a fit in the store!

Point #2: Your Child Eager to Move Around

Water Mountain’s program actively teaches your child the importance of being motivated, and of being physically fit.

With the Center for Disease Control showing a 45% rise in childhood obesity, that motivation is essential.

We bring 3 things into the motivational training…

  • One, our motivational skills are strong enough to motivate a potato to become a carrot.  We’re very good motivators, and you can see that from class 1.
  • Two, we have the cool factor of being a kung fu program.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of kung fu movies out there for kids, a lot more than there are sport movies, for one basic reason: kung fu is cool.  Your kid wants to do things that are cool, be looked as being cool, and own cool things.
  • Three, Kung Fu focuses on your kid’s strength and personal performance.  It’s about your kid, and your kid will know that.  Anything that’s about your kid is more interesting to your kid.

The end result?  A child that is excited to go to class and wants to work out!

Point #3: Your Child Socially Smooth

Social skills are part of everyday living.  They are the secret that successful and popular people have learned.  Your child can learn them too.

We train social skill just like punches and kicks are drilled, with fun, motivated repetition.  Let me ask you a simple question, where else will your child get this type of practice?  Will his or her friends do it?  Will the school do it as part of classes?

Vital Social Lessons

These basic lessons reinforce 6 major elements of social interaction:

  • Making a greeting to both adults and peers.
  • How to show concern for others.
  • Making apologies.
  • Showing and knowing respect.
  • Keeping a tidy appearance.
  • Showing gratitude.

These are scripted responses that your child memorizes so that he or she has confidence in how to do something right socially rather than be riddled with social fear.

It is part of our training philosophy that a person should leave class as both a warrior and a gentleman (or gentlewoman). In a youth culture that admires thugs and thuggish behavior, it’s important to have a constant, opposite force.

 Point 4: Your Child Able to Repel Bullies

Is your kid being picked on every single day?  Shoved around?  Hit?  His or her stuff being “borrowed?”

How do you like the responses you’ve gotten so far?  Feel like you’ve been left swinging at the end of the rope with a polite “Too Bad!”

Let me say some things that you already know about bullying but may not have put into words.  Bullying can cripple the victim.

Is this an exaggeration?

Well, I’ve talked with a lot of parents that were teased themselves.  I’ts not an exaggeration.  It takes years to overcome the crushing effect of being bullied and teased.


Bullying is a significant source of shame into adulthood.  It is taboo to talk about because school systems aren’t willing to commit scarce resources to combating it.  Frankly, if your child is being victimized, you don’t know what to do, other than to say, “Just ignore it,” or “Sticks and Stones.”

Unfortunately, both are useless approaches.

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Negative Effects of Bullying

Do you know what happens to a child that is being bullied and teased and that feels helpless about addressing bullying and teasing?

He or she starts to hate school.

When he or she starts to hate school, he or she starts to avoid school and school work.  Does this sound like a situation thats going to lead to future success in adulthood?  A person that learns to despise learning?  It is clearly a situation that destroys success skills.

A child that has the skill to successfully address this type of aggression feels as if he or she can handle difficult situations in life, and will not avoid them. Who do you think, as an adult, will earn more money? The one that avoids difficulty or the one that overcomes difficulty?

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5 Anti-Bullying Skills

Water Mountain’s kids kung fu drives off bully and teasing by building 5 skill sets in your child.

  1. Developing social skills so he or she is an undesirable target.
  2. Recognizing the triggers that lead to being bullied.
  3. Counteracting the influence of bullying and teasing.
  4. Giving off the appropriate body signals that say, “I’m not an easy target.”
  5. Having the skills to physically defend themselves.

Where else will a kid learn these skills?


You want these skills for your child, and the Water Mountain All Stars program can provide them.

Point 5: Your Child Glowing with Confidence

Let’s revisit Peyton and Jordan.

One is standing upright, in shape, confident, and filled with the belief that he or she can succeed at difficult things.  The other is slumped, clothes out of order, not sure how to talk to other people, lacking in confidence, and afraid of trying because he or she might fail.

The two are of equal intelligence.

Who do you think will have more friends, and be more popular?  More importantly, who do you think will make more money, and have better relationships as an adult?  Clear answer, isn’t it?  Who do you want your kid to be?

Confidence is both a skill and a result.  A child has to learn how to appear confident, and project confidence.  Learning to carry yourself confidently is the skill portion.

Water Mountain All Stars kung fu training will give your child a skill set that other children don’t have.  It will also reduce the fear he or she carries around inside.  That change on the inside will show on the outside.  It is an overall result of the training.

 Point 6: Your Child Kung Fu Safe

I don’t believe in the use of violence to solve problems, when it can be avoided.  There are times, however, when your child must know self-defense.  It is part of becoming self-reliant.  It is also partly you coming to accept the fact that you won’t be there every minute of the day for your child.

For those gaps when you can’t be there, when you are at work, when your back is turned, or when your child is simply being a child, you want your child to have some real self-defense skills.

Let’s take a brief moment to look at frightening possibility of attack, because it really will make you and your child safer for you to just know it.

Real Threats to Your Child
Your child faces 4 real possibilities of attack:

  1. Conflict before it becomes physical violence.
  2. Trickery used to lure a child into an abduction.
  3. Child on Child Attack
  4. Adult on Child Attack, typically to assist in an abduction.

Conflict Before It Becomes Attack

Before violence there is intimidation, threat, posturing, and name-calling.

This is part of the reality of growing up.  Small controls of body posture, and use of the voice gives your child the tools to handle these situations effectively.  You will not be spending all of your time giving them the talk, “Sticks and Stones will Break My Bones, but Words Will Never Hurt Me!”

Child Vs. Child Conflict

All Stars kids come from families of good repute.  Many are in charter school or home school.  Their parents are practical, and have a realistic understanding of the world.

All Stars kids, as a group, successfully defend themselves against child on child violence about 1 and 1/2 times per year.  Child on child violence may not seem important.

A shove.

Some strong arming.

A couple of punches.

Because of Water Mountain Kung Fu training, however, the child felt like he or she could handle conflict.  Felt strong rather than feeling helpless and like a victim.

Wouldn’t you like to feel that way, when you’re in that situation?  Your child certainly would!

Adult Vs. Child Threats

As for adult on child violence, that’s a difficult situation.  It’s a difficult situation because your average adult is about 3 times the weight, and twice the height of your average child under the age of twelve.  That’ like a 5’9″ adult that weighs 155 pounds being attacked by an 11 foot tall man weighing 465 pounds.

Not an easy situation for you, as an adult, is it?  How do you survive in a situation like that?

Keep this in mind: without training, you are relying on luck for self-protection. Your child would likely lose any child on child situation, and would certainly lose in any situation involving an adult.

Predators, whether they are child bullies or adult abductors, spend a lot of time getting to know prey and look for vulnerable times to strike.  That is their fascination.  Your child spends very little time involved in the study of defense or resistance.  Who do you think has the advantage?

In such situations, knowing what a little body can do to outwit, surprise and out fight a larger attacker is your child’s best hope.  Why not let the 1,500 years of our kung fu history give your child this edge?

Without training, Water Mountain training, your child will not develop the tools for properly handling these situations.

What parents Are Saying About Allstars

child sit throw defense

Amazing Kung Fu Experiences for Your Child in Private Lessons

To insure that you and your child have an amazing kung fu journey, the All Stars program is focused entirely on one-on-one private lessons, where the teacher trains your child directly.  Since learning to work with other children is important, there are 1 to 2 group classes available each month.  Group segments give the children a chance to work team building and social skills.

Why Private Martial Arts Lessons Are the Best Choice

In private lessons, the long term relationship is just as important as the 6 Point of Kung Fu.  As the instructor gets to know the needs of your child, he or she will be able to tune the lessons specifically for your child’s abilities.  That tuning results in lessons that are highly effective at moving your child forward.

The private relationship is the relationship seen with such admiration on T.V. and in the movies.

Sessions start at $37 for one of Water Mountain’s highly skilled coaches.  Of course, we guarantee your satisfaction with each session or every penny back.

While I will make recommendations to you regarding the frequency of your child’s lessons based on his or her needs and your goals, you may choose what you want to do.  There is no required number of sessions.

Children as young as 5 may be eligible for this program.

How Do You Get This Started?

With an amazing offer that will take care of your child for pennies on the dollar!

I’m a see it to believe it kind-of-guy.  Let’s set aside the glowing recommendations about the program from parents that you’ve read and listened to already.  Let’s set aside the awards won by the school and the national magazines the school has been featured in.  Yes, all of it is potent proof that the Water Mountain All Stars program will deliver amazing benefits to your child.

Let me make an incredible offer to you.

Before you make a program decision, I want your child to have the 6 benefits of kung fu and I want you to see the results unfold during the lessons.  Try it all with the Satisfaction Guaranteed, Platinum, White Sash Pack.

Amazing private lesson pack

The Private, White Sash, Introductory Pack

2 Private 30 Minute Lessons–Your child won’t have to struggle for attention surrounded by strangers.  There will be a single teacher dedicated just to him.  This is a normal value of $74.  During those lessons, he or she will learn how to…

  • Stand upright, pay attention, and show the type of basic respect that makes the world go around peacefully.
  • Use his or her voice as a defense against an abductor.
  • Break away from someone trying to grab him.
  • Punch, and properly send aggression into a safe target.
  • Kick with speed, power, and confidence.
  • Fall down.  Your child will fall down a lot in life.  Doing it safely and early is important to avoid broken bones and concussions.
  • Build agility and a powerful, commanding body through our insanely fun obstacle course.
  • Keep punches and kicks from hitting his or her body.

Plus, in the second lesson, we will teach your child a special move.  This will be an advanced move that will be custom fit to his or her physical abilities.  We won’t know what that move is until after the first private session, because we won’t know what fits him or her until then.

At the end of the second lesson, your child will earn a White Sash (value of $7).  This is a long strip of elegant white satin cloth used to mark what he or she has accomplished at Water Mountain.

I’ll Include 3 Free Gifts, Worth $49.83

As a sign of appreciation, for enrolling today…

FREE Gift #1: A cool, branded t-shirt and pants, normal cost of $37.99.  Your child will get pants and t-shirt as a uniform to wear during the lesson, and will keep it after the lesson.

FREE Gift #2: An 8×11 glossy, color photo taken right after your child’s lesson.  The photo shows your child with the confident glow of Kung Fu.  (A $4 value to have it printed at a photo booth!)

FREE Gift #3: A certificate of accomplishment your child will be proud to show to friends and family members.  The certificate will also be mounted in fine certificate holder (A $7.84 value).

The Total Value of this Package, including Free Gifts: $130.83

A Special Just For You, not $130.83 ONLY: $27.00

Act now, and book your child into this special offer below.  How long do you want your child to go without the 6 point advantage?

Master Mikel Steenrod

P.S. You are booking at N0 RISK.  Every penny is Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

P.P.S. Due to the value of this offer, I can only offer it to new clients, not current members or alumni.

P.P.S. Is there even one skill in our Water Mountain All Stars Program to Produce Exceptional Children that you want your child to go without?

“Yes, Master Mike, I want my Child to Have the Confident Mind and Fit Body of Kung Fu!”

Please Reserve a White Sash Platinum Pack For Me Now!

We've Got You Covered

If you feel in anyway that the White Sash Pack didn’t please you, I’ll refund every penny you spent.