Special Offer to Improve Health

Dear Friend,

I am glad that you have gotten this far in your lessons and proud that you have done so.

You have one more free gift from me to deepen your qi and dramatically magnify your health and happiness. A FREE private 30 minute lesson in qi gong, normally $79.

You and I both know that free can be often too good to be true, so I am going to also guarantee this private lesson, three times!

My 3 Guarantees to You:

  1. I understand that in a world where many behave unethically, you could be concerned that this is somehow a high pressure sales trap.  I will not try to “sell you” into anything.  I would not have waited for 5 weeks if “selling you” was my desire.  If you want to look at program options, we will do so.
  2. This is a complete, fully featured private lesson.  It will not in any way have short cuts or be compromised.
  3. You will be immediately able to use the lesson in your own life.

Here’s the rest of the guarantee.  If for any reason you feel that I didn’t stick by my guarantee, I will give $5 for your trouble!

5 Day Time Limit

You have 5 days to respond to this email.  As you might imagine, with all the people that sign up for the email course, I can’t leave a FREE slot open forever.

Use the claim code: Milky Way.

Please call 928-600-1242 or visit the studio to book your Free, guaranteed lesson now!

Warm Regards,

Martial Arts Master Mike Signature

Master Mikel Steenrod

P.S.  Take advantage of this free offer as you took advantage of the free offer for the 5 week course.  You didn’t regret that, you won’t regret this.

P.P.S.  The 5 day time limit is a hard time limit.  I need it so I can be fair to everyone else that took the course and give them an equal chance at a FREE lesson!

Are you not local to the Flagstaff area?  Please take a look at our virtual qi gong offering instead below, at an always low price!

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