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Inside the Montage–Carry The Buckets

Cover Image for Inside the Montage showing ancient stairs and a bucket

Kung fu movies are known for their training montages. One common scene is for the young student to carry buckets of water up a set of steep steps that would be challenging to climb even without buckets. I’ve had the experience of carrying buckets of water outside of the montage, because I grew up on […]

Chin Na Fundamentals

Beginner Lessons in Discipline of Choice

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Penetrating Vine Changing Method Chin Na Chin Na is a grappling system based on rapid joint locking.  Grappling refers to the manipulation of another’s body to reduce the ability of the other to move in a way that typically would be destructive to you. In other words, it is highly efficient grabbing. The name, […]

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