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Water Mountain Location and General Information

Water Mountain’s Mission is to build health, capability, and self-determination through martial arts.

Water Mountain Inc is a dedicated service provider, in Flagstaff, of elite Martial Arts, Weapons, and Qi Gong.  We serve adults, children, and teens in group and private lessons.

Water Mountain Inc has a 1,600 square foot space.  We are on the corner of 4th st and 7th Avenue, and face 7th Avenue.

We make a great effort to keep a safe, comfortable environment that is pleasant, smells good, and makes you feel welcome.

Feng Shui of the space has been crafted according the Flying Stars School, and is designed to help you build qi quickly and deeply.

Some specialty programs are taught at other locations.

Your Visit, Call, or Email is Always Welcome

Water Mountain Inc

2510 E 7th Avenue

Flagstaff, AZ 86004



Business Hours: M-F: 2:30-7:00

Class Hours are more extensive than business hours, but there is no staff present to conduct business during non-business hours. Private clients can be booked throughout the day.

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Flagstaff, Arizona is located at an average elevation of about 7,000 feet above sea level.

The elevation makes it a high altitude training environment.  Flagstaff regularly hosts olympic and word class athletes, because of the altitude, and is the home to many of them.

Flagstaff is also home to Northern Arizona University and to Coconino Community College.  Water Mountain has members from both of these groups, learning martial arts, weapons, and qi gong.

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